The dedication of the Vernon Hargis Agency of Invasive Species Building on Independence Avenue in Washington, D.C. was undoubtedly one of the highlights of  the Agency’s year. Vice President Joe Biden joined us for the dedication ceremony, thanking Agency workers past and present, and saluting the accomplishment that the building’s construction was only $75 million over its projected budget and two and a half years behind schedule


” I really can’t say enough about what you people do here. Literally. Most people have no idea what goes on in here. But what you people do–all of you–standing here before me, including all of you folks in the back who can’t see me very well–is really something, and no one should ever forget that.”

– Vice President Joe Biden, November 31, 2012. 

Vice President Biden, inspecting the Agency’s in-house Abatement Treatment  Research Center:

WA. biden 2