AIS Logo

A history of AIS Logos



1970s logo

Our first logo utilized earth tones to demonstrate our deep commitment to assuring the protection of America’s natural environments and agricultural bounty. Another logo, using the paisley as the Agency’s symbol, was briefly used until it was deemed dated.



1980s logo

Our second logo reflected the Agency’s renewed confidence, growing energy and shifting mission;  in1981 AIS launched an intensive, multi-year investigation into reports of an effort by the Soviet Union to use the weed Halegeton to harm U.S. agriculture.



1990s logo

As part of Al Gore’s “Reinventing Government” initiative, AIS brought a renewed focus to streamlined efficient use of taxpayer funding government – notice the distressed, grungy lettering –  and a new emphasis on how climate change can impact weeds, with cleaner, more linear graphics.




2000s logo

Under the Presidency of George W. Bush, the AIS turned its attention to the pressing priority of homeland security, and played a key role in the establishment and staffing of the Domer’s Gulch-Kentucky-based National Center for Crop Duster Security.



todays logo


Today, re-energized by an expanded mission and new budgetary opportunities through the Recovery Act and implementation of the weed-related aspects of the Affordable Care Act, First Lady Michelle Obama’s “healthy eating” initiative, and other related missions, the AIS is larger and more far-reaching than ever, and our future looks bright.